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Just Leisure - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-754-9

Author(s): Keri A. Schwab, Daniel L. Dustin

Copyright year: 2013

Edition: 1st

pages: 256

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Just Leisure brings together presentations on a wide range of social and environmental justice themes from the 1st International Symposium on Speaking Up and Speaking Out. The book questions injustices on topics such as inclusion and conservation. It names injustices on topics such as homelessness and tourism. It also teaches justice on topics such as spirituality and eco-justice education. Further, it discusses doing justice with topics such as virtue ethics and ecotourism.

Beyond higher education experience, the editors have served professional organizations such as the Society of Park and Recreation Educators and the Academy of Leisure Sciences. The contributors are respected scholars in the field of parks, recreation, and tourism who are passionate about issues of social and environmental justice.

Part One: Questioning Injustice

Chapter 1: What Will Become of Our 20 Grandchildren?

Chapter 2: At Whose Expense? How Our Commitment to Conservation has Propagated Social Injustice

Chapter 3: Beyond the Right to Inclusion: The Intersection of Social and Environmental Justice for Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in Leisure

Chapter 4: Meeting at the Crossroads: Progress for Multiracial People or Delicate Balance Amid Old Divides?

Chapter 5: Ecofeminism(s) and Just Leisure in the 21st Century

Synthesis:  Living With Our Imperfections: A Personal Reflection on Justice, Accountability, and Social Change


Part Two: Naming Injustice

Chapter 6: Our Town’s a Drag: Drag Queens and Queer Space in Athens, Georgia

Chapter 7: Contesting Homelessness: Public Nature, Political Ecology, and Socioenvironmental Justice

Chapter 8: John Dewey’s Moral Philosophy as a Route to Social and Environmental Justice Through Youth Development Theory

Chapter 9: Facebook’s Status in the Lives of  Generation Y: Exploring Power Structures in an Online Leisure Space

Chapter 10: Tourism and Environmental Justice

Synthesis: On Hierarchical Marginalization


Part Three: Teaching Justice

Chapter 11: Spirituality as a Resource for Social and Environmental Justice Through Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Leisure

Chapter 12: Experiential Education, Social and Environmental Justice Pedagogies, and Globalization: From Theory to Praxis

Chapter 13: Canada’s First College of Sustainability: Teaching about Social and Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Chapter 14: Eco-Justice Education: Learning to Speak Up and Out

Synthesis: On Interconnectedness and Interdependence


Part Four: Doing Justice

Chapter 15: Virtue Ethics: An Emerging Discourse in Social and Environmental Justice Inquiry

Chapter 16: Recreating Culture: Slow Food, Scholé, and Critical Pedagogy

Chapter 17: Ecotourism as a Venue for Environmental and Social Justice: A Case Study of a Fijian Vanua

Chapter 18: Healthy Parks and Communities: Green Access and Equity for Los Angeles

Chapter 19: Public Memory for an Inclusive Society


Synthesis: Philosophy as Leisure of the Most Vital Kind

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