Leadership and Administration of Outdoor Pursuits, 3rd ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-89213-272-7

Author(s): Jim Blanchard, Michael Strong, Phyllis Ford

Copyright year: 2007

Edition: 3rd

pages: 407

Leadership and Administration of Outdoor Pursuits presents information from a practical perspective, with an emphasis on managing activity risks, minimizing exposure to legal liability, and defining current professional outdoor leadership standards and practices. It discusses background, administration, leadership, and implementing selected activities.

The authors have served in higher education and have had professional experiences in outdoor pursuits such as leading hiking and climbing adventure tours, leading climbing clubs, and field instructor for NOLs.

This book is intended for students studying outdoor education, outdoor leadership, and outdoor recreation. It may also be a valuable resource for administrators and leaders of outdoor activities.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Resources for Outdoor Pursuits

Chapter 3: The Natural Environment

Chapter 4: Care of the Environment

Chapter 5: Understanding Human Needs

Chapter 6: Managing Risk in Outdoor Pursuits

Chapter 7: Strategic Planning

Chapter 8: Tactical Planning

Chapter 9: Transportation

Chapter 10: Marketing

Chapter 11: Group Dynamics

Chapter 12: Outdoor Pursuits Leadership

Chapter 13: Critical Leadership Responsibilities

Chapter 14: Leadership in the Field

Chapter 15: Responding to Emergencies

Chapter 16: Experiential Learning

Chapter 17: Leadership of Selected Land-Based Activities

Chapter 18: Leadership of Selected Snow-Based Activities

Chapter 19: Leadership of Selected Water-Based Activities Chapter Twenty: Land Navigation

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