Leisure Enhancement, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-649-8

Author(s): Michael J. and Sara F. Leitner

Copyright year: 2012

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: Print

pages: 413

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The fourth edition of Leisure Enhancement introduces recreation and leisure through concepts of leisure, historical influences, and theoretical explanations. This book also discusses the application of theory to enhance leisure wellness. Further, it examines leisure throughout the life cycle, recreation for special populations, and outdoor recreation and natural resource lands.

This book fosters a better understanding of personal and societal leisure behavior; facilitates the application of theories, concepts, and data to improve personal leisure well-being; and broadens perspectives on leisure and enable adaptation to future changes.

The authors have taught at the higher education level. They have also published several textbooks and many articles, primarily on the topic of recreation and aging. The contributors have a range of professional experiences from professor, to dance instructor, to consultant on futures forecasting.

Part I: Introduction to Recreation and Leisure

Chapter 1: Concepts of Leisure

Chapter 2: Leisure Education: Vital to the Well-Being of Society

Chapter 3: Historical Influences on Leisure Today

Chapter 4: Leisure and Recreation in the United States Today

Chapter 5: Why People Recreate: Theoretical Explanations


Part II: Application of Theory to Enhance Leisure Well-Being

Chapter 6: Leisure Planning and Time Management

Chapter 7: Fitness and Leisure

Chapter 8: The Role of Leisure in Stress Reduction

Chapter 9: The Use of Humor and Laughter in Coping with and Reducing Stress

Chapter 10: Recreation and Social Development

Chapter 11: Gambling and Recreational Drug Use: Analyses of Two Prevalent Leisure-Related Problems

Chapter 12: Personal Leisure Philosophy


Part III: Expanding Leisure Horizons

Chapter 13: Leisure Throughout the Life Cycle

Chapter 14A: Recreation for Special Populations: An Overview

Chapter 14B: Recreation for Special Populations: A Wheelchair Athlete’s Perspective

Chapter 15: Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Lands

Chapter 16: Leisure in Selected Countries

Chapter 17: Leisure in the Future

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