Needs Assessment, 2nd ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-858-4

Author(s): Ananda Mitra

Copyright year: 2018

Edition: 2nd

Other Formats: Print

pages: 164

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Needs Assessment: A Systematic Approach to Data Collection provides guidance for collecting citizen input, primarily in recreation services.

This book offers key objectives in citizen data collection, and methods of collecting input. It also discusses focus group meetings, questionnaires, and data collection. Further, it offers information about data analysis and data utilization, as well as study management, outsourcing, and special applications.

In addition to experience in higher education, the author has worked with nearly 170 recreation agencies across the United States in his almost 25 years of doing recreation research and is the owner of the recreation research company Management Learning Laboratories.

For the recreation practitioner, this book shows the best practices of collecting citizen data. It also allows the recreation professional to recognize the unscientific attempts at citizen data collection and be wary of information generated by less reliable methods.

Chapter 1: Citizen Input as the Voice of the People

Chapter 2: Key Objectives in Citizen Data Collection

Chapter 3: Methods of Collecting Input

Chapter 4: Talking to the Community

Chapter 5: Asking Questions

Chapter 6: Collecting Data

Chapter 7: Where the Data Come From

Chapter 8: Analysis of Quantitative Data

Chapter 9: Analysis of Narrative Data

Chapter 10: Data Utilization

Chapter 11: Managing a Study

Chapter 12: Outsourcing

Chapter 13: Special Applications


Appendix A: Questionnaire – Adult

Appendix B: Questionnaire – Youth

Appendix C: Cover Letter

Appendix D: Maps

Appendix E: Outgoing Envelope

Appendix F: Reminder Postcard

Appendix G: Web-Based Questionnaire

Appendix H: Invitation E-Mail

Appendix I: Executive Summary

Appendix J: Action Plan

Appendix K: Presentation Slides

Appendix L: CompuRec

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