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Pastimes 8th Ed - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-585-0

Author(s): Ruth V. Russell, Rasul A. Mowatt

Copyright year: 2023

Edition: 8th

Other Formats: Print

Pages: 364

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The purpose of this eighth edition of Pastimes is to extend the discussion about contemporary leisure to new concepts supported by the latest research findings and scholarly commentary. 


In this edition much of the content is new, including an added discussion on architecture as material culture. As well, more attention to indigenous people within a leisure context is incorporated. There is also a new chapter that challenges us to look at leisure as a fundamental aspect of human rights. The implication of this chapter is to aid readers, learners, and instructors to think even more broadly about not only what leisure is but also what it can be. 


This new edition of Pastimes also contains new illustrations of concepts through field-based cases, new biographical features, new exploratory and participatory activities, and new research study summaries. 


More than a textbook, Pastimes is very much a point of view. It presents leisure as a human phenomenon that is individual and collective, vital and frivolous, historical and contemporary, factual and subjective, good and bad. Human life and its culture cannot be understood without understanding leisure. Leisure is a complex subject, yet worth knowing. 

Part 1: Leisure is a Condition of Being Human: Personal Context

Chapter 1 

The Humanities of Leisure 

Chapter 2 

Why Leisure is Vital 

Chapter 3 

Leisure and Health 

Chapter 4 

Defining and Explaining Leisure Behavior 


Part 2: Leisure is a Cultural Mirror: Societal Context

Chapter 5 

Leisure in Past Societies 

Chapter 6 

Leisure’s Anthropology 

­­Chapter 7 

Leisure’s Geography 

Chapter 8 

Popular Culture 

Chapter 9 

Leisure and Technology 

Chapter 10

Deviant Leisure


Part 3: Leisure is an Instrument: Systems Context 

Chapter 11 

The Work, Money, Leisure Balance 

Chapter 12 

The Freedom and Tyranny of Time 

Chapter 13 

Is Leisure Fair? 

Chapter 14 

Is Leisure a Right? 

Chapter 15 

Leisure Systems

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