The Leader's Handbook, 2nd ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-836-2

Author(s): Bill Michaelis, John M. O'Connell

Copyright year: 2013

Edition: 2nd

Other Formats: Print

pages: 231

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The Leader's Handbook (2nd ed.) updates the previous edition's references and resources, triples the number of photographs, and adds new chapters on Flow Theory and Behavior Guidance.

This book is based on over 35 years of practical experience, and very few, if any, leadership books have this depth of leadership analysis.

It is geared toward training and management of all age groups and toward youth development. It will also demonstrate how to effectively work with groups and lead games play and team-building activities.

The book cover topics include basic concepts, generating enthusiasm, physical and emotional safety, presentation, maintaining the flow of play, closing a game session, game theory, leader roles, managing a large event, positive discipline, situational leadership, and transition activities. It also provides a variety of resources, including books, magazines, websites, equipment, and organizations.

Focusing on more than just theory, The Leader's Handbook is a practical guide that shows leaders how to create fun with real people in real situations and has a special chapter on the application of "facilitative leadership" to a wide range of program areas.

Chapter 1: On Playing On Purpose

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Play Leadership

Chapter 3: Getting It Going

Chapter 3.5: The Flow Imperative

Chapter 4: Keeping It Going (Rollin’ on the River)

Chapter 5: Ending It All Well
Chapter 6: On Games

Chapter 7: Leading (and Orchestrating) Events, or, “The Big Game”

Chapter 8: Some Advanced Leadership Skills

Chapter 8.5: Positive Discipline: An Approach to Behavior Guidance
Chapter 9: A Bigger Bag of Tricks
Chapter 10: How to Get Better

Chapter 11: On the Importance of Being a Playmaker

Chapter 12: Resources, Connections, and Beyond (The Bigger Picture)

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