The Principles of Sport Marketing

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-748-8

Author(s): Gary Bernstein

Copyright year: 2015

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 249

The Principles of Sport Marketing, edited by Gary Bernstein with significant contributions from a lineup of sport researchers, practitioners, and instructors, delivers a current, vibrant, and exciting in-depth look at sport marketing fundamentals and trends today.

Created from the insights of sports experts, this comprehensive text explores as many as six or more fresh concepts and topics surrounding sports marketing with reader-friendly examples specifically drawn from the world of sports.

The authors connect sport industry-specific content with current issues and trends and provide readers with a balance between theory and practice.

Sport marketing is ever changing and growing, and this new text, The Principles of Sport Marketing, truly captures these transformations in the sports world today.

Chapter 1: What Is Sport Marketing?

Chapter 2: The Importance of Marketing

Chapter 3: Role of Research Methods in Sport Marketing

Chapter 4: Advertising and Public Relations

Chapter 5: Sports Promotion, Pricing, and Packaging 

Chapter 6Sport Marketing and Social Media

Chapter 7: Integrated Sport Marketing and Communication 

Chapter 8Ambush Marketing in Sports   

Chapter 9: Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics in Sport Marketing

Chapter 10Marketing in Nonprofit Organizations

Chapter 11Relationship Marketing

Chapter 12Valuing Naming Rights

Chapter 13: Preparing for a Career in Sport Marketing

Chapter 14: Epilogue

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