Interactive Health and Fitness - eBook

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Copyright year: 2016

Authors/Editors: T. Scott Lyons, John C. Jackson, William T. Hey, Peter Bannon

eBook ISBN: 9781571677259

Print ISBN: 9781571677747

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Interactive Health and Fitness is an innovative system of learning that blends a conversational, easy-to-read textbook with cutting-edge technology. The learning system is made up of three primary components:

A textbook that provides the background theory, the anatomy and physiology, and the basic concepts that will help students to make sound, well-informed decisions in areas that will impact their health now and in the future

Web-based resources designed to create a multidimensional learning experience

Something no other text can offer. Throughout the course, each student will develop his or her personal Total Wellness Plan™.

The authors have taught at the higher education level. Their research interests include cardiovascular physiology, post-exercise metabolism, exercise immunology, assessment of body composition, behavior change, and distance learning.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Wellness and Behavioral Change

Part I: Physical Activity and Wellness

Chapter 2: The Importance of Physical Activity

Chapter 3: Importance of Exercise and Fitness

Part II: Assessing and Improving Fitness

Chapter 4: Assessment and Improvement of Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Chapter 5: Assessment and Improvement of Muscular Fitness and Flexibility

Chapter 6: Body Composition

Chapter 7: Nutrition, Wellness, and Weight Management

Part III: Holistic Wellness

Chapter 8: Stress and Wellness

Chapter 9: Psychoactive Substances

Chapter 10: Interpersonal Wellness and Human Sexuality

Part IV: Aging and Wellness

Chapter 11: Physical Activity, Aging, and the Impact on Overall Wellness

Chapter 12: Chronic Diseases and the Leading Causes of Death in the United States

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