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Leisure, Women, and Gender - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-837-9

Author(s): Valeria J. Freysinger, Susan M. Shaw, Karla Henderson, M. Deborah Bialeschki

Copyright year: 2013

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: Print

pages: 574

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Leisure, Women, and Gender is part of an ongoing examination that explores and elaborates issues of leisure for girls and women.

The book is both an update of A Leisure of One's Own: A Feminist Perspective on Women's Leisure (1989) and Both Gains and Gaps: Feminist Perspectives on Women’s Leisure (1996) and a departure from these earlier works, in its process and structure.

Specifically, in this volume, rather than writing about the research that others are doing, we invited some of those researchers to talk about how they came to study leisure, women, and gender; to talk about what they have learned from their research; and to reflect on directions for future research.


Chapter 1: Introduction: Constructing a Framework

Chapter 2: Why Sexist Language Matters

Chapter 3: Many Voices: Historical Perspectives on Women’s Leisure

Chapter 4: Reflections on the Role of Men in a Feminist Leisure Studies

Chapter 5: Feminist Theories: A Diversity of Contributions and Perspectives



Chapter 6: Introduction: Expanding Opportunities for Leisure

Chapter 7: A Look Backward and Forward: Women’s Participation in Physically Active Recreation and the Homophobic Response

Chapter 8: Women, Gender, and Leisure Constraints

Chapter 9: Girls, Gender, and Recreational Sports

Chapter 10: “Mom, there are certain activities fat girls shouldn’t do.”: Considering the Leisure Experiences of Overweight Girls and the Role of Parents

Chapter 11: Sorority Spaces: Discipline of Gendered Reputation in Public Leisure

Chapter 12: Older Women and Competitive Sports: Resistance and Empowerment Through Leisure

Chapter 13: Time Use in Daily Life: Women, Families, and Leisure

Chapter 14: Women’s Transcendental Experiences With Motorcycling

Chapter 15: A Reader’s Reflections on Women’s Friendships

Chapter 16: Women’s Mental Health and the Power of Leisure

Chapter 17: Women and Tourism

Chapter 18: Feminist Masculinities: Inquiries Into Leisure, Gender, and Sexual Identity



Chapter 19: Introduction: Social Identities, Relations, and Practices

Chapter 20: “Yes, I’m a girl . . . and I have a disability . . . but I’m also an athlete!”: Getting Off the Sidelines With Disability Sport

Chapter 21: Intersections of Ethnicity and Gender in the Leisure and Health of Ethnic Minority Women and Young Adults

Chapter 22: Becoming a Mother: Where Does Leisure Fit?

Chapter 23: Youth Sport: Visible Dads, Hidden Moms, and Gendered Children

Chapter 24: Families, Gender, Social Class, and Leisure

Chapter 25: Latina Women’s Family Roles: What Impact Do They Have on Their Physical Activity Participation?

Chapter 26: Let Your Soul Glow: The Intersections of Race, Gender, Health, and Leisure

Chapter 27: Leisure of Family Caregivers

Chapter 28: Older Age, Family, and Leisure



Chapter 29: Introduction: Power, Culture, and Politics

Chapter 30: The Politics of Taking Action: Women, Poverty, and Leisure-Access Policy

Chapter 31: Women’s Leisure and the Gendered Politics of Health

Chapter 32: Activist Scholarship: Fighting Homophobia and Heterosexism

Chapter 33: Reconstructing Masculinities, Migration, and Transnational Leisure Spaces

Chapter 34: Gender Equity and Government Policy: An Analysis of Title IX

Chapter 35: “Developing” Women’s and Girls’ Participation in Dene Games at the Arctic Winter Games

Chapter 36: Gender and Digital-Game Situated Play: Women, Girls, and the Multiple Constructions of Play

Chapter 37: Culture Shock: Challenges to Research Into Women, Gender, and Leisure



Chapter 38: Gender and Leisure Policy Discourses: The Cultural Turn to Social Justice

Chapter 39: Reflections on Leisure, Women, and Gender

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