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Leisure Matters, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-589-8

Author(s): Monika Stodolska, David Scott, Toni Liechty

Copyright year: 2024

Edition: 4th

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pages: 444

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Leisure Matters: Exploring Leisure in a Changing World follows in the footsteps of the three previous editions of the book—Mapping the Past, Charting the Future (1989), Leisure Studies: Prospects for the TwentyFirst Century (1999), and Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies (2016). The book's main purpose—to provide a stateoftheart overview of the state of leisure studies, specifically in terms of our current understanding of over 40 different leisure concepts, topics, and areas—has remained the same as previous editions. The book provides an update on the evolution of research on these topics and includes chapters on the new, emerging scholarship and current developments in the discipline in light of the COVID19 pandemic and related health issues, new workleisure balance, emergence and popularization of new technologies, social movements such as Black Lives Matter, and climate change. 


The volume consists of 45 chapters, divided into four sections Exploring Leisure, Experiencing Leisure, Delivering Leisure, and Future Trends in Leisure. Leisure Matters: Exploring Leisure in a Changing World is intended to serve as an introduction to research in our field for senior undergraduate and graduate students and a quick reference on current issues in research for leisure scholars. We hope we maintained the spirit and rigor of the previous editions of the book and, at the same time, provided muchneeded updates and treatment of the new topics that emerged or gained importance in the last seven years. 

Section 1: Exploring Leisure
1.1. Disciplinary Perspectives 

1        Anthropology and Leisure 

          Garry Chick (The Pennsylvania State University) 

2        Leisure at the Biological Level

          Bryan McCormick (Temple University) 

3        Economic Implications of Outdoor Recreation Behavior: What Recreation Economists Have Learned about Modeling Choices 

          W. Douglass Shaw (Texas A&M University) 

4        Philosophy and Leisure Studies

          Charles Sylvester (Western Washington University) 

5        Doing Well and Feeling Well:  Growth as Exemplar and Implications for Leisure

          Steven E. Mock (University of Waterloo), Narges Abdeahad (Brock University), Christopher B. Lok (University of Waterloo) 

6        Sociology of Leisure

          Robert A. Stebbins (University of Calgary) 

1.2. Cognate Area Perspectives 

7        Leisure, Health, and Physical Activity

          Laura L. Payne (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Nathan A. Schaumleffel (Indiana State University), Damien     

         Cavanaugh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Milae Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 

8        Leisure and Religion/Spirituality

          Paul Heintzman (University of Ottawa) 

9        Sport Services, Participation, and Spectating

          Laurence Chalip (George Mason University) 

10      Tourism

          Heather J. Gibson (University of Florida) 

1.3. International Perspectives 

11      Leisure in Africa

          Maliga Naidoo (Academy of Leisure Sciences Africa) 

12      Leisure in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

          Simone Fullagar (Griffith University), Lee Davidson (Victoria University of Wellington) 

13      Leisure in China

          Liu HuiMei and Chen Xian (Zhejiang University) 

14      Leisure in Korea

          Sung Bum Chun (Woosuk University) 

15      Leisure in Japan

          Shintaro Kono (University of Alberta), Eiji Ito (Chukyo University) 

16      Leisure in Europe

          Fiona Jordan (Swansea University) 

17      Leisure in Latin America

          Alcyane Marinho (Santa Catarina State University, Brazil), Maria Eduarda Tomaz Luiz (Santa Catarina State University, Brazil),           Samara Escobar Martins (Santa Catarina State University, Brazil), Arianne C. Reis (Western Sydney University, Australia)


Section II: Experiencing Leisure
2.1. Antecedents and Styles 

18      Leisure, Needs, and Motivations

          Gordon J. Walker (University of Alberta) 

19      Leisure Constraints and Negotiation: Highlights from the Journey Past, Present, and Future

          Ingrid E. Schneider (University of Minnesota) 

20      Leisure and Intensity of Activity Participation

          David Scott (Texas A&M University) 

21      Is it Time to Reduce Our Fear of the Dark? Emerging Contributions from Deviant Leisure Research

          D J Williams  (Center for Positive Sexuality and Idaho State University) 


2.2. Diverse Populations 

22      Adolescent Development and Leisure

          Linda L. Caldwell (The Pennsylvania State University) 

23      Family Leisure

          Dawn E. Trussell (Brock University), Ruth Jeanes (Monash University) 

24      Selective Social Leisure Engagement as a Pathway to Aging Well

          Douglas A. Kleiber (University of Georgia), Darla Fortune (Concordia University, Begum Aybar-Damali (Winona State    


25      The Relational Politics of Gender and Leisure

          Diana Parry (University of Waterloo), Bronwen Valtchanov (University of Waterloo) 

26      Revolutionizing Sexual Identity for Leisure Research: Beyond Mainstreaming the LGBQ Community

          Corey W. Johnson (North Carolina State University) 

27      Leisure and People with Disabilities

          Shinichi Nagata (University of Tsukuba), John Dattilo (The Pennsylvania State University), Shintaro Kono (University of    


28      How Does Leisure Studies Respond to the Needs and Requests of Indigenous People?

          Karen M. Fox (University of Alberta) 

29      Leisure, Ethnicity, and Immigration

          Monika Stodolska (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 

30      Leisure, Race, and Racism

          Corliss Outley (Clemson University), Alayna Schmidt (Clemson University), Harrison Pinckney IV (The Pennsylvania State 

          University), Aby Sène Harper (Clemson University), Aishia Brown (University of Louisville) 

31      The History of Leisure Services: It is Time to Embrace the Wrongs We Have Committed and Celebrate that There is Time to 

           Start Anew

          KangJae “Jerry” Lee (University of Utah), Rodney B. Dieser (University of Northern Iowa), Kenneth E. Mobily (University of 


2.3. Technology and Leisure 

32      Social Networking Platforms and Leisure

          Iryna Sharaievska (Clemson University) 

33      Blinded by the Light: Smartphones and the Disenfranchisement of Leisure

          Justin Harmon (University of North Carolina Greensboro), Lauren N. Duffy (Clemson University) 

34      Gaming, Esports, and Leisure

          Hanhan Xue (Florida State University) 


          2.4. Place and Community 

35      Place and Leisure

          Gerard Kyle (Texas A&M University), Daniel Pilgreen (Texas A&M University) 

36      Leisure and Social Connectedness: “Doing Community” to Combat Social Isolation and Loneliness

          Troy D. Glover (University of Waterloo) 


Section III: Delivering Leisure 

37      A Human Rights Approach to Public Policy and Planning for Leisure

          A. J. Veal  (University of Technology Sydney) 

38      Public-Sector Leisure Marketing: Key Concepts, Contemporary Approaches, and Emerging Trends

          Andrew J. Mowen (Pennsylvania State University), Bing Pan (Pennsylvania State University) 

39      Contemporary Views of Management and Leadership in Leisure Studies

          Deb Jordan (East Carolina University) 


Section IV: Future Trends in Leisure 

40      Trends in Time Use for Leisure

          Kindal Shores  (East Carolina University) 

41      Leisure in the Age of COVID and in the Post-Pandemic Era

          Toni Liechty (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Robin Lizzo (Illinois State University), Xin Du (University of Illinois 

          at Urbana-Champaign) 

42      Reimagining Work and Leisure Relations in the Post-COVID Era

          Jessica Klaver (Open Universiteit, Netherlands), Wim Lambrechts (Open Universiteit, Netherlands) 

43      Crafting the Path Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic in Leisure Higher Education

          Tracy Mainieri (Illinois State University) 

44      A Reckoning of a Field: Reflections on Leisure in the Wake of  Black Lives Matter and Black Liberation

          Rasul A. Mowatt (North Carolina State University) 

45      Leisure, Tourism, and Climate Change

                    Xiao Xiao (Arizona State University), Peizhe Li (North Carolina State University) 


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