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Understanding Leisure in the Ever-Changing World - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-594-2

Author(s): B. Dana Kivel, Valeria J. Freysinger, Harrison P. Pinckney IV

Copyright year: 2024

Edition: 1st

pages: 390

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Understanding Leisure in the Ever-Changing World: Power, Privileges, and Promises is an interactive textbook that seeks, in the words of John Lewis, to inspire students to enact meaningful “good trouble, necessary trouble” ( This text asks students and all readers to consider some of the key issues related to understanding leisure at this social, political, and historical moment in time—the third decade of the 21st century. A central tenet of this book is that leisure is key to the functioning (and malfunctioning) of a democratic society. For example, the recent pandemic has led millions of people to reconsider the role of work and, by extension, leisure in their lives. #metoo and #blm (Black Lives Matter) movements have raised awareness of how leisure reproduces, but may also challenge and transform, social inequality and injustices. That is, this book provides students with the opportunity to understand and explore the various ways in which we can understand the constraints, the power, and the promise of leisure for individuals, communities, and societies. More than three dozen authors from across the U.S. and abroad challenge readers to examine the impact of leisure on how they see themselves, and their relationships with others and the world. The book is organized into five sections—Leisure and Me; Defining and Redefining Leisure; the Messiness and Complicatedness of Leisure; Engaging and/or Disengaging in Leisure; and the Challenges of Leisure. In each section and chapter, students are asked to read, reflect, and act on topics ranging from how much freedom we have in leisure, to why freedom is more an illusion than a reality for many, to the centrality of leisure, recreation and play for a democratic society. Understanding Leisure in the Ever-Changing World: Power, Privileges, and Promises makes full use of interactive media, providing links to relevant podcasts, videos, blogs, popular media, scholarly writing, etc. to engage readers in pressing issues of today.  


About the Contributors 


Section 1:  Leisure and Me  

by Harrison P. Pinckney IV 


Chapter 1The Emotional Labour of Being Ourselves

Jeremy Robinette  


Chapter 2 Making an Account of Ourselves through Leisure:  Spirit in Action

Annette M. Holba 


Chapter 3 How Will I Spend My Life After College and Before I Retire?

Brooke Burk 


Chapter 4 Thinking About Leisure and Consumption Through Music

Heather Mair 


Chapter 5 The Essence of an Orange

Justin Harmon 


Section 2: Defining and Redefining Leisure 

by B. Dana Kivel 


Chapter 6 Experiencing Leisure as “We Time”: The Solidarity of Leisure

Rudy Dunlap 


Chapter 7 It’s All Good: A Brief History of Valuing Activities

Olivia McAnirlin and Harrison P. Pinckney IV 


Chapter 8 Connecting with Self and Community Through Leisure, Recreation, and Play

Leah Joyner 


Chapter 9 Beyond Time, Activity, and Experience: Defining Leisure for Health, Culture, and Equity

Dorothy L. Schmalz and Mariela Fernandez 


Chapter 10 The McDonaldization of Leisure

Paul Stonehouse, Simon Beames, and Callie Schultz 


Chapter 11 When and Where Can Leisure be Found and for Whom?

Fenton Litwiller 


Section 3:  The Messiness and Complicatedness of Leisure 

by Valeria J. Freysinger 


Chapter 12 “Who Am I”? Constructing Embodied Identities Through Leisure

Toni Liechty 


Chapter 13 How Do I Spend My Time and Why?

Roz Kelsey and Rebecca Genoe 


Chapter 14 Leisure, Society, and the Possibility

Felice Yuen 


Chapter 15 Tourism Impacts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly U.S. American

Lindsay E. Usher 


Chapter 16: Thorns in Spite of Roses: Exposing Negative Consequences of Outdoor Recreation

Christopher J. Wynveen 


Section 4:  Engaging and/or Disengaging Leisure  

by Harrison P. Pinckney IV 


Chapter 17 Dreaming of “Leisure”: Escaping Labour for Self-Preservation

Kimberly J. Lopez, Lisbeth A. Berbary, and Becoming Coalition 


Chapter 18 Neoliberalism and Leisure

Jeff Rose 


Chapter 19 What Freedom Do I Have? Questioning Freedom Through Queer Leisure Experiences

Eric Knee  


Chapter 20 Why Do You Like What You Like?

Brett Lashua 


Chapter 21 How Do We Learn to Have/Find Pleasure?

Dan Henhawk 


Chapter 22 Being Seen While Remaining Invisible: #BlackGirlMagic and the Rise of Black Woman-Centered Leisure

Corliss Outley and Nicole Webster 


Section 5: The Challenges of Leisure  

by Valeria J. Freysinger 


Chapter 23 Who Controls Access to Leisure?

Troy Glover 


Chapter 24 Privilege, Policy, and Public Lands: Who Has Access?

Akiebia Hicks and Aby Sène-Harper 


Chapter 25 Leisure is the Status Quo: The Accepted Social Order

Rasul A. Mowatt 


Chapter 26 The Promises and Limitations of Technology for Leisure

Melissa Weddell and Joy James 


Chapter 27 Why Do I Feel Like I Have No Time?

Thomas Clanton 



B. Dana Kivel, Valeria J. Freysinger, and Harrison P. Pinckney IV 

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