Facility Management for Physical Activity and Sport, 2nd ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-756-3

Author(s): Dr. Thomas H. Sawyer, Lawrence W. Judge, Tonya L. Sawyer

Copyright year: 2015

Edition: 2nd

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In an era of unprecedented expansion, sport has become even more significant and pervasive in American society. As sport has continued to grow, so have the facilities that support sporting events.

As the number of facilities has grown, so has the number of people who manage the various sport facilities on college and university campuses as well as large public assembly facilities found in every large metropolitan area worldwide.

This growing global industry places unique demands on its personnel and increasingly requires specialized education.

The job requirements in the sport industry involve many skills applicable to the sport setting and specific to the increasingly complex and multifaceted areas it represents.

Facility Management for Physical Activity and Sport provides the student and practitioner with enough information on a variety of subjects to know where to proceed without assistance and when it would be wise to seek additional professional assistance.

Since the early 1970s, a new breed of specialists has emerged—the public assembly facility manager. Public assembly facility managers receive similar training as sport managers.

These two professionals generally complete degrees in sport management with minors in business administration. Sport management has been considered a legitimate field of study for the past 20 years in higher education.

Sport management is an umbrella term that includes areas such as fitness, physical activity, recreation, and sport.

A major concern for sport management, its students, and its practitioners is the continued need for a variety of textbooks and related resources in this expanding field of study. Some texts are generalized and others more focused.

Facility Management for Physical Activity and Sport is a comprehensive compilation of concepts and practical subject matter published for the sport management student and future facility manager as well as practitioners.

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