Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage for a Better World - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-866-9

Author(s): Larry Beck, Ted T. Cable, Douglas M. Knudson

Copyright year: 2018

Edition: 1st

pages: 495

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Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage provides a broad overview of the field of interpretation by introducing interpretation, discussing the value of interpretation, and examining the guiding principles of interpretation. Moreover, it explores how to interpret, the management of interpretation, and the growth of the profession. It equips the reader with the overall knowledge, as well as techniques and abilities, to work effectively as an interpreter.

The authors have more than 125 years of combined experience in the broad field of interpretation. This book has a wide potential audience that includes university students, instructors and trainers, front-line interpreters (who are permanent, seasonal, or volunteer), interpretive site managers and directors, and researchers. Others might merely want to know what interpretation is all about.

Section I: Introduction

Chapter 1: What Is Interpretation?

Chapter 2: Who Offers Interpretation?


Section II: Why Interpret?

Chapter 3: Values to Individuals and Society

Chapter 4: Values of Interpretation for Management


Section III:  What Guides Us?

Chapter 5: Guiding Principles of Interpretation

Chapter 6: How People Learn

Chapter 7: Serving Diverse Audiences


Section IV: How To Interpret

Chapter 8: Interpreting to the Masses

Chapter 9: Personal Interpretation

Chapter 10: Arts in Interpretation

Chapter 11: Museums and Visitor Centers

Chapter 12: Exhibits

Chapter 13: Trails and Byways

Chapter 14: Interpretation and the Written Word

Chapter 15: Interpreting History


Section V: Managing Interpretation

Chapter 16: A Business Approach to Interpretation

Chapter 17: Training and Professional Growth

Chapter 18: Interpretive Planning

Chapter 19: Evaluating Interpretation


Section VI: Growth of the Profession

Chapter 20: Global Interpretation

Chapter 21: The Bright Future of Interpretation


Appendix A

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