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Managing Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-745-7

Author(s): Christopher R. Edginton, Susan D. Hudson, Samuel V. Lankford, Dale Larsen

Copyright year: 2015

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: Print

pages: 335

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Managing Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services introduces management concepts for recreation, parks, and leisure services.

This book also discusses managerial leadership issues such as ethics, collaboration and cooperation, and leadership and motivation. Further, it explores the maanagement of resources, discussing topics such as human resources and legal issues and risks. It also looks toward the future, examining future perspectives such as the global economy, demographic changes, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Beyond higher education experiences, the authors have professional experiences such as founder of Camp Adventure™ Child & Youth Services, program planner, education director of the National Program for Playground Safety, and public services manager.

Part I: Managing Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services: Setting the Context

Chapter 1: Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services in the 21st Century

Chapter 2: The Evolution of Management Theory and Practice

Chapter 3: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Policy

Chapter 4: Organizing and Structuring Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services


Part II: Key Managerial Leadership Issues

Chapter 5: Ethics: Human/Social, Community, and Environmental Responsibilities

Chapter 6: Managerial Leadership and Motivation

Chapter 7: Planning for Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services

Chapter 8: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Chapter 9: Promoting Collaboration and Cooperation


Part III: Managing Resources

Chapter 10: Human Resources

Chapter 11: Fiscal Resources

Chapter 12: Marketing Resources

Chapter 13: Legal Issues and Risk Management

Chapter 14: Evaluating Community Services


Part IV: The Future

Chapter 15: Future Perspectives

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