Recreational Service in the New Millennium - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-563-8

Author(s): Jay Shivers, Joseph Levy

Copyright year: 2023

Edition: 1st

Pages: 338

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Written for students in recreational service education and higher learning institutions, Recreational Service in the New Millennium is a textbook that provides significant information for learning and professional performance.

The text offers essential concepts concerning the origin, forces, and political realities that coalesce over time that have produced today's modern recreational service field. Students will learn why some practices and behaviors are given mental acceptance as true or real over others. Recreational Service in the New Millennium provides support concerning the history of leisure and recreational activities from pre-history to the 21st century.

The text is absolutely pragmatic and is indicative of why and how the field developed as it did and what current practices are being executed by recreationists as they fulfill their mandate. It offers a definite form and verified methods for the organization and administration of public recreational service.

Designed to address recreational service as a public function for the various constituencies that make up the recipients of the service, Recreational Service in the New Millennium offers emphasis on the foundation of leisure and recreational service as well as the gamut of recreational activity techniques, costs, logistics, and effective leadership.

This text provides observation facilities and recreational experiences globally, assessment of recreational participation, and an understanding of the organization, operation, and management of recreational service. Wherever recreational service education is taught, Recreational Service in the New Millennium will prove to be invaluable.

Section I: Foundations and Essentials

Chapter 1: Principles of Governmental Recreational Service
Chapter 2: Cultural Implications for Leisure and Recreational Activity
Chapter 3: The Meaning of Leisure in the Recreational Service Model fo the 21st Century
Chapter 4: Recreation
Chapter 5: Ecological Implications for Recreational Activity and Leisure
Chapter 6: Political Implications of Recreational Activity, Service, and Leisure
Chapter 7: Education for Leisure and Recreational Experience
Chapter 8: Leisure and Recreational Activity Implications for Global Economics


Section II: Practices and Purposes

Chapter 9: Therapeutic and Adapted Recreational Service
Chapter 10: The Visual Arts
Chapter 11: Crafts
Chapter 12: Dance
Chapter 13: Music
Chapter 14: Motor Skills
Chapter 15: Nature Recreational Activity and Therapy
Chapter 16: The Performing Arts
Chapter 17: Theater Arts and Dramatics
Chapter 18: Travel and Tourism
Chapter 19: Special Events

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