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Risk Management for Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services, 7th ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-934-5

Author(s): Merry Moiseichik, Sarah J. Young

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 7th

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 213

Risk Management for Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services provides park, recreation, and leisure services professionals a primer in risk management, tort liability, and negligence that gives them an awareness of legal liability and allows them to take the lead in managing risk within their organizations.

It covers topics from the emergency action plan, to the risk management plan, to managing employees through the lens of minimizing risk, to addressing risk at events and in facilities.

This book provides recreation professionals with the necessary knowledge to build, implement, and manage a risk management plan that first and foremost offers participants a quality experience in a safe environment and, second, protects the professionals and their employees from undue risk.

About the Authors 
Chapter 1 Managing Risks in Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services

Chapter 2 Risk Management and the Law   

Chapter 3 The Risk Management Plan

Chapter 4 Risk Management and Employees

Chapter 5 Managing Risks at Events

Chapter 6 Managing Facility Risk

Chapter 7 Security and Personal Safety

Chapter 8 Emergency Action Plan

Chapter 9 Managing the Risk at Special Facilities


Appendix A Emergency Action Plan

Appendix B Policy Statements, Indemnifications

Appendix C Waivers, Releases, Agreements to Participate, Registrations

Appendix D Use Permits, Rentals

Appendix E Accident, Injury, and Medical Treatment–Related Forms

Appendix F Incident Report Forms

Appendix G Evaluations, Background Checks, Inclement Weather, Protecting Crime Scenes

Appendix H Occupational Safety & Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

Appendix I Sources of Additional Information on Establishing Risk Management Programs

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