This Land Is Your Land

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-783-9

Author(s): Daniel L. Dustin, Kelly Bricker, Sandra Negley, Matthew Brownlee, Keri A. Schwab, Neil Lundberg

Copyright year: 2016

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 238

This Land Is Your Land is a first-of-its-kind exploration into the therapeutic benefits of nature-based recreation for Armed Forces personnel, veterans, and their families.

The book is divided into four parts:

  • Descriptions of several exemplary nature-based recreation programs
  • Completed research examining the therapeutic effectiveness of nature-based recreation programs
  • Research challenges and opportunities
  • Recommendations for future studies

This Land Is Your Land’s 46 contributors, united by their passion for assisting military families transition from combat-related stresses to civilian life through health-promoting outdoor recreation engagements, come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, including outdoor adventure education and programming, therapeutic recreation, counseling rehabilitation, social work, medicine, and clinical and environmental psychology.

This Land Is Your Land combines practical lessons learned from administering nature-based recreation programs for members of our military family with scientific insights that will better equip the rapidly growing number of individuals and organizations dedicated to doing this critically important work with the necessary therapeutic tools to conduct evidence-based best practices.


Chapter 1: Social and Cultural Aspects of Posttraumatic Stress and the Role of Nature in Recovery


Part I: Programs and Practices

Chapter 2: Freedom’s Families

Chapter 3: Operation Purple Family Retreats and Operation Purple Healing Adventures: Reconnection, Recreation, and Resilience

Chapter 4: Building Strength and Support Among Post-Deployment Military Families: The Family Battle Buddies Program

Chapter 5: Finding the “Friend at the End of Your Pen” at Camp Yellow Ribbon: How Journaling Promotes Resilience in Youth Experiencing Parental Deployment

Chapter 6: Project HERO (Healing Exercise Rehabilitation Opportunity): A Best Practice That Works

Chapter 7: She Served, Too, and Her Needs Are Different: Therapeutic Techniques for Female-Specific Recreation Programming

Chapter 8: Blending Nature and Technology: Nature-Based Biofeedback Training


Part II: What We Know and Don’t Know About Nature’s Resiliency-Building and Restorative Power

Chapter 9: Toward a Better Understanding of the Leisure Motivations of Marine Corps Members

Chapter 10: The Therapeutic Effects of Outward Bound for Veterans

Chapter 11: Examining the Effects of Group-Based Nature Outings on Veterans Through the Lens of the Reasonable Person Model

Chapter 12: Battles Fought in Nature: Lessons Learned From Nature-Based Treatment in a Forest Therapy Garden for Soldiers With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Chapter 13: Community Reintegration for Veterans Through Fly-Fishing

Chapter 14: Therapeutic Outcomes of Outdoor Recreation for Injured Service Members

Chapter 15: Second Class Soldiers: The Role of an Outdoor Sports and Recreation Program in Addressing the Relationship Among Gender, Social Support, and Military Trauma

Chapter 16: The State of Knowledge About Nature-Based Interventions for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Among Military Personnel and Veterans


Part III: Research Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 17: Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Adventure-Based Programs for Redeploying Military Veterans

Chapter 18: Hunting and the Return of the Warrior: Therapeutic Possibilities for the Chase

Chapter 19: The Role of the National Parks in Contributing to the Health and Well-Being of Veterans and Their Families

Chapter 20: Promoting, Improving, and Advocating Evidence-Based Recreation Services for Armed Forces Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families


Part IV: Synthesis

Chapter 21: Where Do We Go From Here?

Chapter 22: A Resilience Intervention for Diminishing Attrition Among Injured Armed Force Recruits

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