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The Right Administrative Stuff - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-544-7

Author(s): Daniel L. Dustin, James F. Murphy, Gene Lamke, Jack Harper, Cary McDonald, Brett Wright

Copyright year: 2021

Edition: 1st

pages: 253

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The Right Administrative Stuff contains a variety of readings focusing on park, recreation, and tourism administration. The 27 chapters represent the collective thinking of six former academic department chairs, two of whom also served as associate deans, and one of whom also served as a dean. The six authors have over 100 years of administrative experience among them. The content also reflects the perspectives of a handful of other like-minded colleagues who co-authored 15 of the 27 chapters in their original form as standalone articles in a variety of professional journals.

This book complements traditional textbooks by stimulating deeper thinking about administration through provocative readings that challenge the status quo. We believe the book will benefit not only academic administrators, but administrators throughout the field of parks, recreation, and tourism. It is often said that being a department chair is the most challenging administrative position in higher education. Our collective experience confirms that assertion. Piloting programs in parks, recreation, and tourism is more art than science. It requires vision, confidence, determination, perseverance, and an ability to motivate others to move a common agenda forward. While many of the chapters draw from our experience in higher education, we believe the lessons are applicable to park, recreation, and tourism administrators everywhere. Indeed, the need for a stronger bond between colleges and universities and the world of professional practice is a recurring theme throughout the book. To that end, we trust the content will provide readers with fresh insights about what it takes to pilot park, recreation, and tourism programs to success fueled by the right administrative stuff.


1     The Right Administrative Stuff  

2     Academic Moneyball   

3     Team of Rivals: Turning Academic Rivals into Academic Teammates

4     Toward a More Perfect Academic World: The Prospects for Differentiated



5     Managing Academic Messes  

6     Faculty Perceptions of Tenure in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

7     The Neoliberal Assault on the Public University: The Case of Recreation, Park,

       and Leisure Research  

8     Life at Mission Creep University

9     Crossing the Rubicon: The Responsibility of Professors and Park and

       Recreation Professionals in Public Discourse


10   Strengthening the Relationship between Undergraduate Professional

       Preparation Programs in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and Graduate

       Leisure Studies

11   Service First: Embracing the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning

       through Active Engagement in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Education

12   Pasteur’s Quadrant: A Conceptual Framework for Bridging the “Great Divide”

       between Higher Education and Professional Practice in Parks, Recreation,

       and Tourism

13   Tripping and Falling into the Future: An Eolithic Perspective

14   The Future of Leisure Studies in Research Universities: Administrators’



15   Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler

16   Bridging the Sport and Recreation Divide

17   Whatever Became of Child’s Play?

18   Thinking Outside the Box: Placing Park and Recreation Professionals

        in K-12 Schools

19   Changing Reality: Reinventing Physical Education in the Public Schools

20   You Say “Recreational Therapy” and We Say “Therapeutic Recreation”


21 The Promise of a Park, Recreation, and Tourism Education in a

Participatory Democracy

22 Mending Freedom’s Fractured Meaning: Implications for Parks,    

Recreation, and Tourism

23 Framing Controversial Issues in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

24 An Ounce of Prevention

25 Purveyors of One Health: The Ecological Imperative Driving the

Future of Leisure Services

26 Travel Hopefully: On the Obvious and Not So Obvious Dividends

from Professional Investments

27 Ruminations on the Academic Afterlife

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